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Be Seen. Be Heard.

Providing a sacred space where women gather to be seen and heard in a safe, loving environment.

Our Circles

Now is the time to gather our Sisters, and remember the knowing that we hold deep in our bones.


To be Heard

To each other we will listen deeply, without advice or judgement. Through reflection we will see that her story is our story. Pure compassion.


To be Seen

We will witness each other dance between our light and our shadow, without judgement. Peeling back the layers to authenticity. Pure beauty.

To be Held

We will be held in sacredness as we explore our inner world through the practice of openly sharing. Pure love.

Held in a Loving Environment

Supported by a fully trained sister circle facilitator who creates a safe container for you, your story and your heart.

Our Facilitator

Tania Guest, Founder

‘Wings of a Woman’ was born from my passion for helping women feel a deeper connection to themselves and others. I regularly facilitate Sister Circles, Sister Retreats and Rites of Passage ceremonies.

The profound experiences I share in Circle, drives me towards creating a loving, connected and supportive community for women.

I am the torch bearer and visionary behind the ‘Women’s Village‘ – a beautiful place where women will always have a place to return to themselves. 


Let's Gather...

Sisters, it’s time. Time to listen to that deep remembering to return home

Our Tribe Says...

From the first welcome into the sacred circle space, my body sighed… knowing we were home, with our sisters. The deep sense of settling into love, acceptance and reflection nourished and replenished time and again. It was wonderful to discover the pool of women’s knowing sits just below the surface of everyday hustle and bustle. Being truly seen by my sisters, then seeing myself through their eyes was truly healing. My courage at being vulnerable was rewarded with affirmation and empathy. A blessing to experience and strong confirmation of the beauty that resides in all my sisters."
Debbie Dunn
I never knew how much I needed to be heard and supported by other beautiful strong women, until I came to my first Sister Circle. Tania has facilitated a warm, supportive environment filled with love and acceptance. I have experienced so much joy and healing as a direct result of participating in this beautiful circle. I cannot recommend this enough and I urge you to try out for yourself. This has been such an enriching experience xx
Emmalee Hyfen
“When I first decided to join one of Tania’s Sister Circles, I did not anticipate the profound joy I would feel. There is something so powerful and uplifting about the experience of sitting with women, who, irrespective of background, age or belief; have come together to collectively nurture and support each other. To think that we’ve all been walking around with this magic locked away inside us!”
Kerry Bell
'Sitting in circle with these inspiring women for five consecutive weeks has been completely soul nourishing. Tania created a warm, loving and safe space for us to deeply connect with each other and with ourselves. She is an incredible facilitator and it has been such a gift to feel seen and heard, while being held with deep compassion and beautiful, loving support in this sacred space. This is truly powerful medicine that ALL women need to experience. If you feel called to join Tania's Sister Circles, I encourage you to listen. This is your true Self calling you home. Thank you Tania!'
Nat Koumides